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Hisaronu Holidays
Hisaronu is located some 4 km from Oludeniz. It has developed into a favorite non euro holiday destination in Turkey. Set in hilly area clad with beautiful pines, this thrilling place offers visitors a chance to imbibe natural beauty in its whole.

Stunningly beautiful mountains with beautiful pine trees in and round the town make this place a favorite destination.

Hisaronu, with plenty of shops, restaurants or hotels, is a lively resort for holiday makers across the globe. Those who do not get the chance to stay in Oludeniz resort hotels choose to stay in one of the Hisaronu Hotels close to Oludeniz beach.

Indulge in day trips. Visit so many local attractions here.
If you want to experience increasing fun then opt for Hisaronu holidays.

Hisaronu, a smaller market town, is the best place to photograph the beauty of nature in Turkey. Merging with another village Ovacik, this smaller town has now becomes a popular holiday spot for the tourists.

If you opt for Holidays to Hisaronu then you can be sure of undergoing exciting holiday experience. Oludeniz beach, considered to be one of the best Fethiye beaches or Turkey beaches, is just at distance of five miles from here. Spend your time on the shores of this beautiful Turkish lagoon or enjoy water sports or other beach activities.

Transport services are quite good. You can hire a taxi or go by bus. This area is truly blessed with so many natural wonders. Come here to spend your time on one of the finest, shingling Turkish beaches. If you are desirous of watching sea beauty then take boat trips.

Visitors can have the chance to go on a longer distance by taking boat services. To see the bay here in Hisaronu take boat trips. Many of the visitors love to go on sailing. Deep see fishing can be one of the top most activities.

Day long boat trips are common as the number of visitors love to imbibe sea beauty.
If you are looking for shopping then Hisaronu is the best place.
» Explore the town in your manner.
» Shop till you are exhausted.
» Taste special Turkish tea or coffee at one of the best hisaronu hotels here.
Bustling by lanes or streets here talk of the exuberant beauty of this town.

Adventurers can go on trekking or mountain biking or mountain scaling. Taurus Mountains presents a challenge for all adventurers here.

Book your all inclusive Hisaronu holidays today. For the most thrilling experience in a sun soaked town opt for Hisaronu holidays in Turkey.