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Ovacik Holidays
Ovacik, located on the south west coast of Turkey, is rightly considered the best destination for tourists or the travelers who would like to spend their holidays in Mediterranean region.

Ovacik lies on lower slopes of Turkey's babadag mountain in between two main attractions namely Fethiye and Oludeniz.

It can be said that this beautiful place is the connecting link between the Mediterranean and the Fethiye mountains.

Holidays in Ovacik can truly be an experience, hard to forget. You can have the chance to explore and find the wealth of the Mediterranean here in this place. Oludeniz beach, the strikingly beautiful Turkey beach, is not far. With in two miles of distance you can reach to the most buzzing center of the town. Oludeniz beach, with clear turquoise waters attract all Turkey holiday lovers.

If you are looking for accommodation then you visitors will not have to take troubles in finding the best of the accommodation services. You can find the best of the hotels in Ovacik. Most of the holiday lovers who forget to book their Oludeniz resort hotel can find the hotel rooms in Ovacik. That is why it is said that Ovacik adds up to the enjoyment on your Oludeniz holidays in Turkey.

There are many self service apartments for the visitors who do not get accommodation services in Oludeniz resort. Those who have come to Turkey for their Oludeniz holidays can find accommodation here in Ovacik easily.

Visitors can stay in one of the best private apartments or apartment on rent or rental villas. There is a four star hotel as well for the visitors. Most of the hotels here have landscape garden, swimming pool for the children.

Thrilling view of the Turkish coastline or of high hills can be captured during your Ovacik holidays here.

Holidays in Ovacik can be one of the best options for Turkey holiday lovers. You can come here with your family, friends, colleagues etc. Ovacik Village, known for providing immense

To come to this dream land book your flight to Turkey today.